All / Exhibitions / News · January 18, 2008

Urban Living exhibition at Wood Street Galleries

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust operates Wood Street Galleries, which has an impressive list of featured multi-disciplinary artists from all over the world.

It’s located above the T-station at Wood Street and Sixth Avenue making it already on itself an interesting cross section of urban flows and art. That’s the feeling I got while walking around the building after arriving in town last night.

It’s upcoming exhibition called Urban Living will be even more interesting as its curator Murray Horne included the work of artists that we highly respect. And we’re honored to be part of it as well:

Urban Living

January 25 – April 5, 2008
Gallery Crawl January 25

With numerous construction projects underway, Pittsburgh’s new downtown residents look forward to many options for shaping their domestic, professional and social lives. “Urban Living” offers perspectives and propositions spanning technological and environmental issues that impact and energize urban culture.

Artists include: Pascal Glissmann & Martina Höfflin (Germany), InformationLab (The Netherlands), Sabrina Raaf (USA), Roman Kirschner(Germany), France Cadet (France).