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NEXT no. 6 is held in Århus on April 2+3+4+5 2009 as part conference, part exhibition. A dozen of the most daunting international minds on business, technology and invention will take the conference stage. And 100 of the most perspectivating, forward facing and unexpected uses of new technology is drawn from research labs, startups, and R&D facilities from around the globe, to be showcased, tried, discussed and probably fixed a few times during the four day exhibition.

Cell Phone Disco from siddharth muthyala on Vimeo.

Success, prosperity, and market shares are usually the result of unpredictable paths, favorable but unconditioned circumstances, pioneering individuals and the taming of wild and disruptive technologies.

So how do we find the right way in an ever-changing world? By wandering off the main road, chartering the unexpected. By going where no GPS has gone before, where territories and known worlds end. By getting lost.

NEXT – Nordic Exceptional Trendshop – is a vessel bound for the new, the odd angled and the unpredictable. A home ground for exceptional minds and their inventions. NEXT no. 6 is an invitation to go beyond the horizon, to throw away the compass, leave the known for the next and gain perspectives in the loss of direction.

Come, get lost.