All / News · January 23, 2007

Cell Phone Exhibition opened in Maryland Contemporary Museum

Cell Phone: Art and Mobile Phone exhibition opened this Saturday at the Maryland Contemporary Museum in Baltimore. Curator Irene Hofmann selected Cell Phone Disco as one of a few dozen art pieces related to cell phone culture and technology.

Cell Phone Disco, Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, 2007

Cell Phone Disco, Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, 2007 Photo by Max Glaville, courtesy of Contemporary Museum, Baltimore.

“Cell Phone: Art and the Mobile Phone is the first museum exhibition in United States that explores the groundbreaking work created by artists today using cell phone technologies. This emerging art form, developing on the frontier of technological innovation, engages the tools, networks, and users of the mobile phone. Artists’ interest in mobile phone technology lies not only in producing artworks for individual handheld devices, but in the potential to create works that can be performed and participatory. Often created without the traditional systems of the art world distribution or exhibition in mind, these works look beyond the walls of gallery, the restraints of wires and cables and move art into the dynamic realm of mobility, interaction and global connectivity.”

Beatrice Valentine Amrhein (Paris), Blast Theory (London), Steve Bradley (Baltimore), Family Filter: Jonah Brucker-Cohen (New York), Tim Redfren (Dublin), Duncan Murphy (Dublin), Informationlab: Ursula Lavrencic and Auke Touwslager (Amsterdam), Paul Notzold (Brooklyn, NY), Mark Shepard (New York), URBANtells: Steve Bradley, James Rouvelle and Joe Rensel (Baltimore), Angie Waller (New York).

Contemporary Museum
January 21 – April 22, 2007
Baltimore, USA