All / News · April 4, 2014

New US commission

New test unit

Really exiting times here. We’ve been commissioned by the Hill Country Science Mill in the US for a new Cell Phone Disco and we’re about to send of the new sensor test unit to their location.

Totally new engineering and new ways to detect multiple frequencies. More updates coming soon!

The Science Mill is a new non-profit science center that will open its doors to visitors of all ages in 2014. Located in Johnson City, Texas, it will become a place of discovery where the entire family will have an experience of interactive learning and creative thinking. It will be a destination for the greater community – a gathering place and open forum to present and discuss scientific topics, especially those of high relevance to the area.

With fun, exciting and interactive exhibits and programs, the Science Mill will support formal education entities with a focus on middle and high school students, to help expand their understanding of science, spark their curiosity and inspire them towards an interest in careers in STEM. The Science Mill’s distinctive approach will be to focus on strengthening the student’s connection to the world of science and to inspire students to pursue life-long careers as scientist, engineers, researchers and technology leaders of tomorrow.